nib international student services

nib international student services

Confidence in your health cover from the moment you land.

With over 10 years’ experience providing international students with health cover in Australia, we believe health coverage should be easy to use and easy to understand.

nib international student services (niss) is part of the nib Group, an ASX publicly listed health insurer and international service provider.

Why buying health insurance through niss is worth it

Covered from the moment you land

Even if you head over early to settle in before your official course start date, you will be covered.

Comprehensive cover

We’ve selected quality covers with a wide range of services, designed to meet the needs of international students.

Meet your visa requirements

All our health covers will meet your international student visa requirements.

Overseas study guides

Education and health systems are different all over the world. So that you can feel prepared for your trip, we have created a guide to your desintation country on these topics and more.

United States of America

Learn about living and studying in USA.


Learn about living and studying in Australia

You can manage and access your health coverage online.

Our partners provide access to easy-to-use online services. View your claims, find health professionals and update your details.

Services when you need them

Access to specialised student support services, a dedicated customer service team, multiple language support, 24/7 service assistance, translation services (USA) and global emergency services (USA).

Join over 120,000 international students already partnered with niss.

Contact an education agent about purchasing your niss health insurance. Read our student brochure for more information.

Are you an education agent? Find out more about partnering with niss.
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