nib International Student Services

Helping you arrange the required health insurance for your international students.

Partner with the next generation of support for education agents

With over 10 years' experience supporting international students and visitors, we understand your students' health insurance needs.

Central location

A central location to organise the services that your international students may need

Easy online join process

Quickly and easily purchase health insurance on behalf of students before they leave to study abroad

Peace of mind

Give your students peace of mind that they're covered from the moment they arrive

Who can apply?

nib International Student Services helps education agents from all around the world that send students to Australia and the United States. We are working towards expanding our range of products and available destinations every day.

We are as passionate about your student's experience as you are

That's why we are committed to providing you with easy-to-use tools, world class administrative support services and a range of products to suit your student's needs.

With additional services in the pipeline that will further assist your students in their life-changing move, nib International Student Services is the right partner for you.

Benefits for you as a partnered agent

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Dedicated account managers and administrative support
  • Access to an online agent portal to easily and quickly arrange student cover
  • Additional source of revenue
  • Promotional material provided

Benefits for your students

  • Confidence they are covered from the moment they land
  • Reduced Foreign Exchange costs
  • Payments in their local currency
  • Comprehensive health coverage from a trusted health insurer
  • Competitive pricing

Read our student brochure for more information.

Innovative technology

By working directly with nib International Student Services, we are able to offer you a faster and more flexible service.

Our commitment to technology and services is why we're different. We have designed an online portal which provides quick and easy access to organise health insurance and other services that international students may need.

Want to become a partnered education agent?

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